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I. Introduction

Guests staying in our apartments are always first for us. We strife as much to ensure the best possible conditions for our clients to relax as to make sure their privacy and the safety of their personal data are protected.

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter Policy) brings this postulate to life and outlines comprehensively our personal data safety procedures, our obligations with respect to your personal data as well as the purposes for which your data will be used at Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. and how it will be used. We hope our Policy will answer all the queries and doubts you may have on the subject.

Please note that this Policy is part of our general conditions of apartment rental services. By accepting the general conditions you give implied consent to the terms of this Policy.

II. Definition of personal data

Personal data are understood to mean any information that identifies a person directly or indirectly and is collected directly by Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. at the time

a) You make a reservation in our office;

b) You make a reservation remotely: online, by phone or e-mail;

c) You check in;

d) We receive personal data from companies with which Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. has made agreements regarding transfer of personal data.

III. Principles of personal data processing

When processing you data, Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. always seeks to comply with the following rules:

a) Transparency: prior to processing personal data have received we always inform of the process to take place and of the purpose of it. On your request, you are entitled to access your personal data and demand to have them modified, rectified or removed at any time. You are entitled to withdraw your consent to your personal data being processed in order to stop us from sending you advertisements or other marketing materials. Contact details to file demands in exercise of the entitlements above are given in section X[M1]  “Access to and modification of personal data” below;

b) Legality: Your personal data will only be processed in compliance with the law, and for the purposes and to the extent permitted by the law.

c) Minimum processing: We only collect personal data that are necessary for a given process. Your personal data will be retained for a period required to carry out all of our contractual and statutory obligations.

d) Confidentiality and safety:  we ensure all reasonable technical and organisational measures to protect you personal data from being modified, accidentally lost, unlawfully removed, disclosed or used by unauthorised parties.

e) Reliability: we process personal data with respect for the rights and interests of the data subjects.

IV. Type of personal data processed

1. Throughout the period you use the services of Al Apartments Sp. z o.o., we process the following personal data:

a) Contact details: full name, phone number, e-mail address;

b) Other identification data: date of birth, residential address, number of passport or other-type ID document;

c) Credit card number, to the extent required to process reservation and payment transactions; 

e) Check-in and check-out dates;

f) Client preferences relating to apartments such as preferred floor, type of bed etc.;

g) Evaluation of the accommodation standard, including questions and comments relating to on our services.

2. The processing of personal data of subjects below 18 years of age is limited to full name and date of birth. These data may only be provided to us by an adult and processed subject to prior written consent. We will be grateful for making sure kids do not send any personal details without your consent, particularly online. If they nevertheless do that, you can contact us at any time and ask for such details to be removed.

3. As a rule we do not collect any sensitive data such as health condition (allergies), religion, facial image, height, philosophical or political outlook etc.

V. Key purposes of personal data processing

Below is a list of the key purposes for which we process your personal data in relation to the use of our apartment rental services:

1. Accommodation in our apartments

a) Apartment booking service;

b) Creating and retaining legal and tax records in keeping with applicable accounting standards;

c) Providing additional guest services, such as laundry;

d) CCTV surveillance of the premises to ensure safety and order.

2. Customization of hospitality services based on your lodging preferences

a) Subject to your prior consent, Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. collects your personal data in order to customize our lodging services to suit best your preferences which as we get to know them during your stay.

b) After you join the Customized Hospitality Programme, Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. will create a personal client profile for you that will collect the preferences you define both at the booking stage and while you stay in our apartments.

c) The following personal data are required to set up a client profile: full name and e-mail address.

d) No sensitive data will be included in the Customized Hospitality Programme without your knowledge and consent, such as heath condition, political outlook, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion or philosophy.

e) As a member of the Customized Hospitality Programme you will be able to access at any time the information collected in your personal profile, namely your basic personal data, preferences and history of your stays.

f) On your demand, you can exercise your right to have modified, rectified or removed your personal data that are collected and displayed in your client profile.

3. Reaching clients with offers and current promotions.

a) Your additional consent is required for you to receive trade information containing current and upcoming offers and promotions.

b) You can use an opt-out option for our email newsletters at any time by informing Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. by e-mail or phone ([email protected], +48 533 563 000)

4. Client satisfaction testing

a) Checking if and how our clients are satisfied with our hospitality standards is key so that we can keep improving the services we deliver based on feedback from our guests. Invitations to fill out questionnaires will be sent to you by e-mail following your stay in one of our apartments.

b) The questionnaire uses your personal data such as full name and e-mail address.  Questionnaires are then reviewed and, if required, we will contact you to address your comments and suggestions.

c) Subject to your consent, your feedback and evaluation as well as our response, if given, will be published on

5. Client relations managementbefore, during and after you stay with us

a) Setting up client profiles based on booking history and preferences in order to send customized newsletters to the clients;

b) Analysing personal data, information and feedback received for more effective anticipation of your future expectations;

c) Statistical, business and reporting purposes;

d) Ensuring background data for use by tools for customized offer content each time a client visits the website of  Al Apartments Sp. z o.o.

e) Newsletters, promotional and marketing offers from Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. or its partners, as well as telephone communication with clients;

f) Processing requests for subscription opt-outs, promotions, tourist offers and client satisfaction surveys;

g) Responding to objections to personal data processing for marketing purposes.

6. Other online activities:

a) Connecting to any site operated by Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. (IP address, cookies);

b) Online forms (online booking, questionnaires, accounts in social media).

7. Online safety and efficient use of Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. websites, including:

c) Better navigation on sites;

d) Implementation of security and anti-fraud features.

8. Ensuring compliance with legal regulations, such as regarding service fee calculation or retaining accounting or tax records.

VI. Processors of personal data

1. In order to guarantee best service experience we may transfer your personal data to authorised employees of the business partners of Al Apartments Sp. z o.o., among them

a) Staff of the hospitality facility;

b) Booking personnel and staff members authorised to use booking tools on site;

c) IT department;

d) Sales and marketing departments;

e) Law department;

f) Other employees holding proper authorisation.

2. Your personal data may be transferred to the third parties listed below in order to make sure that our services and programmes are delivered effectively and to improve the accommodation conditions in our hotels:

a) Third-party vendors: IT services providers, international call centres, banks, issuers of credit cards, law firms, printers and dispatchers;

b) Trusted business partners;

c) Social media: we have implemented a system of logging via your Facebook account for fast online identification without having to fill out registration forms;

d) Local authorities: we may be required under statutes to transfer your personal data to specific local authorities.

VII. Personal data protection in foreign data transfers

1. For the purposes outlined in the following section[M2]  of this Policy, our personal data may be transferred to our internal or third-party processors located in countries where the extent of persona data protection is different (“third countries”).

2. Therefore, apart from implementing the measures set down in this Policy, Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. takes effort to make secure every transfer of your personal data to a third-party vendor located in a third country.

3. Your personal data may be transferred for the above purposes, particularly as part of the booking process, to other facilities operated by Al Apartments Sp. z o.o. and located outside the European Union.

4. Transfers to third countries of personal data other than those required for the booking process are regulated by the Standard Contractual Clauses set down by the European Commission for data transfers between EU and non-EU  countries.

VIII. Personal data safety

1. We take relevant technical and organisational measures to protect your personal data from clandestine or accidental destruction, change or loss or from any unauthorised access or disclosure, in compliance with the applicable provisions of the law. For that reason we have implemented technical systems (firewalls, data backups) and organisational controls such as training programmes for personnel involved in data processing, access IDs and passwords, or physical safeguards (clean desk and monitor policy).

2. Each time you provide your credit card details to make a reservation, the TSSL (Transport Secure Socket Layer) technology is used to ensure transactional safety.

IX. Retaining personal data

We retain each guest’s personal data as long as required for the purposes outlined in this Policy or in current legal regulations.

X. Access to and modification of personal data

1. You have the right of access to your personal data collected for processing, and the right to have them rectified, removed or transferred, to demand a restriction of the scope of processing or to object to the processing of your data; your are also entitled to make complaints to a data protection authority.  In order to exercise these rights, please contact us at Rynek Podgórski 8/3, 30-518 Kraków.

2. You have the right to demand, at any time, that we discontinue transferring your personal data to our partners or to third parties, sending you marketing information on our products and services or processing your feedback on your stay in our apartments, by writing to us at Rynek Podgórski 8/3, 30-518 Kraków

3. We will respond to all yourrequests as soon as possible and as required by the law.

XI. Updates

This Policy may be modified when and as needed. You are encouraged to check regularly its terms, especially at the time you book an apartment with us.

XII. Contact  

1. If you have any queries relating to the processing of your data please contact us at one of the addresses [M3] given in section V of this Policy as appropriate.

2. If you have any additional questions relating to the processing of your data please contact us at Rynek Podgórski 8/3, 30-518 Kraków[M4] .

Cookie  policy

Cookies are small data files that your Internet browser creates as you visit websites. A cookie will typically contain the name of the domain from which the cookie has come, the “lifetime” of the cookie and a randomly generated unique number. We plant cookies on an end user’s computer and have access to them.

We use cookies to:

• Customise our website to reflect a user’s individual preferences on future requests; in particular these cookies recognise the end computer and by that display content that fits the user’s unique preferences; 

• Draw up statistics that tell us about user preferences and behaviours; these statistics are analysed anonymously to help us adjust the content and appearance of our web service to current trends, and can be used for site popularity evaluations;

• Target our marketing activities.

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